Step By Step Guide On
How To Softmod Your Wii.
Modded Wii
Modded Wii
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- No modchip needed

- Play downloaded and imported Wii games

- Super safe and easy

- Not voiding the warranty

- Very cheap

- Play DVD movies and MP3 music

- Play games from other consoles (N64, GC, SNES, SEGA...)

- Play Homebrew applications

- Works with any Wii

Getting Started

What is this?

What is a softmodding?
Softmodding is a new way to mod a Nintendo Wii, that does not require a chip. All you have to do is to put some software onto an SD card and install it on your Wii. Everyone can do it and it only takes a few minutes.

What You Need

SD Card

SD card for Wii
These cards are very common. You might have one already from a camera or mobile phone. Note that borrowing an SD card from a friend is not really an option, since the card needs to be in the Wii every time you want to play a burned DVD.

Price: $5-10
Where to buy it: At any electronics store

DVDs (or an external harddisk)

Burnable DVDs
DVD-R, DVD+R, DVD-RW, DVD+RW, DVD+R DL... ANY kind of DVD! Just make sure that your computer has a DVD-burner(most have as standard) and a DVD-burning software (I recommend ImgBurn - simple, easy and free. Get it here: Go to their download section and choose a mirror).

In rare cases the Wii can't read certain DVD-types (I have had some problems with Lumatron DVDs, but Verbatim ones work like a charm; so that is what I recommend).

Price: Less than $0.5 for one DVD
Where to buy it: At any electronics store

N.B.: If you have an external harddisk or a USB stick you can use that instead of DVDs (learn more about that later in the guide).

Wii Unlocking Software

Wii softmodding software
This is the software you need to softmod your Wii with. Upon downloading you will receive some files, which you need to transfer to your SD card, so make sure you are able to transfer data to an SD card. Most laptops have build-in SD card readers, but you can also use an USB SD card reader or a camera/mobile phone, which is connected to a PC through USB.

Where to buy it: Two sites are selling Wii unlocking software. I have only tried the software from Consoleunlock, which works perfectly, so that is what I recommend, but feel free to check out both options, since they vary a lot in price from time to time (all between $30 and $80)

You can download the software from Wii Unlock Plus here: Wii Unlock Plus' Wii unlocking Software

Or you can download the software from Wiiunlocker here: Wiiunlocker's Wii unlocking Software

Your Wii, a television and a chilled coke!

Wii & Coke
Obvious, right ;D? Now lets get started! Enjoy the coke while reading the rest of my guide :).

Step by Step Instructions

1. Preparing the software

Downloading Wii Unlocking Software
1. Download the Wii Unlocking Software. (From here or here)
2. Unrar/unzip the content of the download (double click the downloaded folder and extract the content). If you are unable to do so you might need to download the free WinRAR software first.
3. Copy the content to the root of your SD card.

2. Installing the software

Softmodding a Nintendo Wii
1. Put the SD card in your Wii and turn it on.
2. Go to Wii Options -> Data management -> Channels -> SD Card
3. A pop-up will appear. Press "Yes" to load "/boot.dol".
4. Follow the on-screen instructions to install dvdx and the Homebrew Channel.

3. The Homebrew Channel

The Homebrew Channel
You have now installed the Homebrew Channel. This is the channel you have to go through when you want to play burned games, watch movies, etc. We just need to install an application to this channel, and then you can start downloading, burning and playing.

4. Installing the Backup Launcher (and the USB Loader)

The Backup Launcher
1. Run the Homebrew Channel.
2. Click on the cIOS_installer - follow the instructions on-screen and wait untill the Wii reboots.
3. DONE! When you want to play a burned DVD, just put the DVD in the Wii and launch the "Backup_Launcher" from the Homebrew Channel Menu.

Additionally you can install the USB Loader by following this link.

Downloading and Burning Games

Downloading from Warez-BB

Downloading Wii games from Warez-BB
This is the way I normally download Wii games. Just join the forums at and search for the game that you want to download. Most games are downloaded through "Rapidshare". If you are a free user, downloading a game takes much longer, so I recommend you buy a premium membership. Then you will be able to download any movie or game within minutes (if you have a fast internet connection of course).

Downloading from torrents

Downloading Wii games from torrents
This is the simplest way to download Wii games, although it is not quite as fast as the Warez-BB method. All you need is this free software: uTorrent. When you have downloaded and installed uTorrent you can search either of these three homepages for Wii Games:


Burning Wii games to DVD / Transferring Wii games to a harddisk

How to burn Wii games
When you have downloaded your Wii games you just have to burn them down to a DVD. This is very easy. First off you need this free software: ImgBurn. Download, install and open ImgBurn and choose the iso-file of the game you want to burn. Then put a DVD into your computer and start burning your game... after this you are ready to play! :)

If you want to use a harddisk instead of DVDs you will need this free program to move the ISOs from your computer onto your harddisk: WBFS Manager. You can also launch the USB Loader and insert a game into the Wii - then the Wii will transfer the game to the harddisk itself.

Anything else? :)

If you have any further questions (like "How do I play N64 games?", "What is the bannerbomb hack?", "What is the USB Loader?" or "Why are you so cool?"), then please read the guides that came with the download of the software. If you are still lost after doing this, feel free to write me an email and I'll write you back as soon as I can :) You are also more than welcome to visit my blog.

Hope you enjoyed my guide - if you did - please remember to share it anywhere you can! :)

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... and remember - it is only legal to download and burn games that you already own, although no one seems to care. Just wanted to write this so I won't get in trouble for making this guide! Softmodding in itself is 100% legal. Thanks for your time :)

Now stop wastin' your time here
and go play some games! :D